Convention Exclusive: We Deal in Lead Ashcan

Convention Exclusive: We Deal in Lead Ashcan

Thought Bubble, a comic art festival in Harrogate, UK, kicks off again this year on the 11th and 12th of November! You can find me in Redshirt Hall, on table C19. Look for the yellow and black By Odin’s Beard RPG logo.

I’ll have all my books for sale, including HOWL and the Runecairn Bestiary, along with a new and exclusive zine: We Deal in Lead: Omega City.

Omega City Ashcan

I’m trying something new for Thought Bubble this year: a convention-exclusive zine for We Deal in Lead!

This is the first time I’m doing a convention exclusive, so I’m super excited. I’ll be printing a limited run (100 copies) of my hand-written and hand-drawn Dungeon23 entries in the Omega City Ashcan Edition. Each copy will be numbered and signed by hand and sold at Thought Bubble and Dragonmeet (later in December).

Don’t worry, you can secure yourself a copy if you back my Patreon at the Print or Saga level; I’ll ship your copy anywhere in the world for free.

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Later on, I’ll convert the handwritten entries and maps into a proper release, but the Ashcan will only ever be printed once! The PDF will always be available, however, and all my Patreon backers will get that for free, regardless of tier.

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