Shipwrecked on a desolate shore. Cursed by demonic forces. Surrounded by undead horrors at every turn. Can your adventurers brave the lost caverns and solve the curse of the Barghest?

HOWL is a 44-page, black and red adventure for Cairn, with a setting inspired by English folklore and Ravenloft. Set in the world of Boroz, an accursed and mist-shrouded land filled with dangerous creatures and eldritch influence.

HOWL Includes:

  • 8 overland locations & 12 dungeon rooms filled with lost mysteries and dark secrets.
  • 20 horrifying new monsters, from the dim-witted wereowl to the terrifying gharblest.
  • Converted & updated for Cairn from 5e adventure The Howling Caverns.

Built using the Classic Explorer template and entered into the Classic Explorer Workshop.


I’m currently taking retailer orders for Howl, so if you’re a retailer (online or bricks and mortar), email me at [email protected] to arrange a wholesale order.

Retail price is £16 GBP / $22 USD.

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Team Members

Colin Le Sueur (@byodinsbeardrpg) - Writer/Designer/Artist

Cover photo - Cristina Gottardi

From Colin

The original Howling Caverns was my first foray into game design. I took a campaign that I ran for my friends (based heavily on Ravenloft and Strahd) and turned it into a published module. I did everything myself: art, writing, editing, layout, and cartography. I learned a lot, including what the Open Gaming License (OGL) was and what I could and couldn’t use from the 5e rules. Since the fallout around OGL in January 2023, I’ve wanted to release new versions of my 5e adventures with no reliance on the Open Gaming License at all.

For the new version, I was inspired by Yochai Gal’s A Town, a Forest, a Dungeon jam to convert my old 5e adventure The Howling Caverns to Cairn, a lightweight TTRPG system based on Into the Odd and Knave. I’ve streamlined the rules, trimmed some fat, moved rooms around, and re-edited the nearly 4 year old adventure. Most importantly, I’ve removed all reference to the OGL since Cairn is a standalone system.

What People Are Saying

Clayton Notestine (@ClayNotestine), designer and educator:

The information design brings a tear to my eye.

Rowan H. (, reviewer (Dododecahedron):

[HOWL] distinguishes itself through its organization, visual clarity, and overall user-friendliness.




HOWL Cover

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