Colossus Wake

Colossus Wake

A Lost Valley Warded by Powerful Magic. An Ancient Defender Awoken and Turned Destroyer.

The mountain turns, sending moss-covered boulders tumbling. The Colossus begins to walk.

The last bastion of light and hope in a mist-covered accursed land, the Occluded Valley is threatened by an ancient colossus. Can a stalwart group of adventurers traverse the divided valley and scale the Colossus before it leaves annihilation in its wake?

Gather around the table with hearty companions and enter a thrilling world of adventure!

Colossus Wake is a 116-page, black and white adventure for D&D 5th Edition, with a setting inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and English folklore. The second book of the Eldritch Mists campaign set in the world of Boroz, an accursed and mist-shrouded land filled with dangerous creatures and eldritch influence.

Colossus Wake Includes:

  • Epic adventure intended for 3-5 3rd level characters, with an approximate play time of 12-15 hours.
  • 11 overland locations and 23 dungeon rooms filled with dangerous mysteries.
  • 8 horrifying new monsters, from the unassuming gelatinous pond to the relentless scarlet jack.
  • Scale trees and communicate with plants as the new wild elf subrace
  • Make nightmares a reality with the new Nightmare cleric domain

Illustrated throughout with evocative black and white line-art. Printed in black and white with colour covers.

What Others Have Said

“The design here is pretty good… NPC descriptions are short and well done… There’s an EXCELLENT timeline sidebar with travel times and so on, as well as a time tracker, to help the DM run the thing. There’s no right path, although there is an expected path… This is a good adventure.”

— Bryce Lynch,


UK: By Odin’s Beard RPG, Rook’s Press, Dungeonland, Igloo Tree

EU: All the Problems in this World

US: Exalted Funeral, Iron Buffalo Gaming

Canada: Ratti Incantati



Colossus Wake Cover

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