The Howling Caverns

The Howling Caverns

Shipwrecked on a perilous shore, a group of adventurers cross into a blighted land and confront a deadly and cursed apparition. Can you unravel the mystery and solve the Barghest’s curse before it devours your soul?

  • A fresh introduction to a dread and mist-cursed land of adventure
  • Perfect for new players and dungeon masters
  • Evocative new spells and terrifying new monsters
  • Designed to easily pick up and play at the table
  • Key information all on the page

Gather around the table with lights dimmed and enter a dark world of demons and vampires inspired by English folklore.

“Impressive effort for a first offering and can easily trump a lot of WOTC/Paizo offerings.” - Bryce Lynch,


UK: By Odin’s Beard RPG, Rook’s Press, Dungeonland, Igloo Tree

EU: All the Problems in this World

US: Exalted Funeral, Iron Buffalo Gaming

Canada: Ratti Incantati

Australia: Cardboard Monster



The Howling Caverns Cover

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